Novo Maison

Crystal blue Aegean Sea and all shades of green surround Bodrum, an unprecedented heaven, where Gündoğan spots the most special corner… Every single moment is more special than another in Novo Maison, providing a sublime living space right in the heart of perfection… You will witness all the splendors of Bodrum with the boons of Novo Maison, offering an extraordinary location with a picturesque view…

Novo Platin

A brand new NOVO project: Novo Platin… An ever-exclusive project to experience Bodrum’s best bits with the privileged qualities of a residence. You may also own a flat or detached villa boasting NOVO signature at Novo Platin to cherish your life. It is up to you. But don’t forget that sea, sun, privileged lifestyle, quality, luxury and comfort will all be mere standards for your house…

Novo House

NOVO HOUSE is the third project, boasting NOVO’s values across the Bodrum peninsula. A detached lifestyle, a house full of privileges, and a unique landscape… Coming soon with very special details…

Novo Center

Novo Center will add value to the business life in Bodrum, while facilitating your life with comfortable and technologic amenities and honoring your company with prestige, thanks to its ever-special location.



In order to make you feel privileged, every single detail is developed with due consideration when each of NOVO projects is planned and put into practice. All you need to do is just to enjoy the privileges to the fullest bit.


It is critical for us to provide luxury and comfort for any of our friends preferring NOVO projects as they deserve. Therefore, all the items including but not limited to the white appliances and door handles are supplied from major brands.


All NOVO projects utilize state of the art technology to facilitate things for you and clear your mind of off details. Your house manages itself so that you will revel in the rest.


Each quark of drawing or touch in the NOVO projects is based on elaboration. Our architectures absorb every meter square they design. In your bedroom, kitchen or living room… Every meter square therein means to us.


World’s trends are scrutinized to practice the most special interior designs in the NOVO projects. A special team of prominent architectures design every single part of your place, from your garden to the interior. Naturally, what matters the most is your desires.


Relish in your house; let it cherish your life. That’s the very reason why NOVO projects are equipped with details designed to offer you a lifelong comfort…